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Wars are inevitable, thousands have been fought, no matter the wins or losses, many of them we know about, others we have not yet learned about but are yet to learn about. Two mystical ancient peoples are on the brink of a war ready to bury thousands of living creatures behind them. The outcome of the war is clear before it even begins. Spilled blood, ruins everywhere and agony haunts everyone who idly watches the battlefield.

The past
Although the war is considered inevitable, there are still 3 heroes willing to sacrifice their lives, their fame, and even the harmony in their hearts to save the world. In the distant past, the world was ruled by the seven great endowment stones, each of which supported the life of a race, keeping it safe.

The rulers of the races
There were rumors and legends that the stones had physical bodies and that whoever touched them could seal their power deep within. This legend gained more and more popularity among young discoverers. It wasn’t long before everyone knew about this myth, but in their heads it wasn’t just a myth, more and more skirmishes began to take place over who would be the first to discover the stone, laws began to be written forbidding even a joking mention of the stones, but that didn’t help either. The rulers of the races themselves began to yearn for the power of the seven stones, for what they could achieve with the power of all seven. The lust for power has always bred science and will always continue to do so, kings were no longer content with their riches. Military actions began to be taken, lands to be taken over, it didn’t take long for the rulers to kill themselves until there were only two peoples left.

The broken peace
The two peoples lived in peace and harmony for many years, until one day magic spoke and woke the people with the cries of war. The Elders had visions of this day, but they did not imagine it would be so terrifying, the Oceans spoke, the fires rose as if alive, the dragons began to howl, the ices melted as it became clear to all that the stones had awakened again and though their peoples are not among the living, they possess powers more formidable than before. It’s only a matter of time which king will be the first to take the first step to war!

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