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“Recuerda” unfolds as an immersive cyberpunk 3D game, skillfully weaving a narrative that thrusts players into the gripping tale of a man caught in the intricate web of both present-day challenges and the dystopian future. This gripping storyline is not merely a game; it’s a journey through the juxtaposition of the mundane realities of our current world and the stark, technologically-driven landscapes of tomorrow.

As players navigate the gritty streets and neon-lit alleyways, they’re confronted with the protagonist’s struggle—a visceral dance between the struggles of today and the uncertainties that loom on the cybernetic horizon. It’s an experience that transcends traditional gaming, inviting players to ponder the intricate connections between our contemporary existence and the ominous shadows cast by the advancing future in “Recuerda.”

Our Participation:

.Game Development
.Project Management
.Level Design
.2D Art